Find your pig’s puke spot. Find the spot that makes your pig gag the hardest, and then stab it repeatedly. By defiling the head, you are showing your pig that it has no human value.

Press your cocktip into that spot until you feel its rib cage heave up. You want to see it lift its hands suddenly, but not touch you. This is sort of survival instinct.

Press until you see its eyes roll back inside its head. You want to see the lights dim in its eyes a little bit. Then you know you’re doing it right.

Press until you feel the warm gurgle of bile splash across your tip and shaft and then bubble out of its mouth.You want the spit to get thicker as you fuck deeper into its throat. You will feel it coming from deeper and deeper in its stomach.

This becomes more beautiful when you make it into a ritual. When you remove your limp cock and let it hang in front of your pig, and it begins to salivate at the coming degradation and the knowledge that it has found its purpose and that it belongs here, beneath you, writhing mindlessly in the dark.